Seaglass Videos

pale blue and green sea glass from Seaham Beach
Seaglass from Seaham Beach in England

Seaglass Videos, where to find it, info on Seaham and Black Glass

This is a question I get a lot. We have done years of research to find the best beaches in England, France and Spain. Plus we always look for sea glass when cruising the Caribbean. We found some gorgeous pieces while in Puerto Rico in December of 2021. 

And now, we (my cousin and I) have created some videos to make it easier for you to hunt for seaglass in places like Seaham Beach, County Durham, England. There are several beaches there, and we break each one of them down.

We will also be adding some videos on what type of beaches are good for collecting seaglass as well as some of our tips on the best way to unearth those little treasures. Puerto Rico is the newest addition and coming soon are beaches in the French Riviera, Grand Turk and the Dutch Islands of Aruba and Bonaire!