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Finding Sea Glass in Mallorca

Swimming Hole on Mallorca about 20 minutes drive from Palma

My family and I went to Mallorca for a week in June of 2017. We had just been sea glass hunting along the French Riviera near Les Issambres and had a great time. We found some real gems. The sea glass on Mallorca was plentiful but it was harder to find good quality pieces. None the less, we enjoyed the hunt and the girls had a great time.

View from our apartment and my daughter Corla Ingram on our walk to Sea Glass Beach.

Where to Stay in Mallorca

Our Airbnb had a lovely view with a place to sit and sort sea glass

If you’re ok with walking to Palma, I would advise staying a bit outside the city. There are so many quiet streets and walkways along the water that are just beautiful. We chose an Airbnb right on the water not far from the airport. There was a grocery store about two blocks away and a large balcony to enjoy the sunsets and sort glass. It was a 2 bedroom 2 bath with a pullout couch in the living room. There was parking on the street, restaurants all around us, but it was quieter at night than the city center is. I have shown on the map where our apartment was.

This is where our Airbnb was located

Sea Glass Hunting in Mallorca

The best place for sea glass in Mallorca is this beach

There is sea glass on almost every beach, however, there is also a lot of trash. We found a small cove that had fewer people and better sea glass than the larger public beaches. I have shown it on a large and small scale map below. The photo of the cove gives you a better idea of what it looked like. You can jump off of the concrete walls into the clear water, which was fun. there was also some shade from the high walls at certain times of the day. We would come very early in the morning before anyone got there.

The water was SO clear! There is a lot of glass in the dry sand as well as on the shore. There were no waves to speak of, so it was very easy to look at the water’s edge. We also dug some pretty deep holes to find sea glass. We dug one about 2 feet deep and found several pieces of beautiful gray sea glass!

This is the beach were we found the best sea glass. It’s just East of Palma

Quality of Sea Glass in Mallorca

The quality isn’t great, it’s probably craft quality at best. That being said, you can find a few gems in there. We found some beautiful jewelry quality turquoise and honey colored glass. I was able to make a necklace of the honey colored one that sold. I did find a few small orange pieces, but no yellows or reds. However, the shades of blue and green varied from plain green to beautiful dark teak and the occasional cornflower blue and cobalt. So keep looking…It’s different every day. That one-in-a-million piece of sea glass is out there!

Finding Black Glass in the Mediterranean

Black Sea Glass or “Pirate Glass” in the traditional amber/olive green color.

If you’re a fan of black glass or “pirate glass”, then this is the place for you! I have a page on identifying Black Glass, so that you can brush up on your sea glass knowledge before heading over there. This is the really old stuff here. We had to go into the water about waist deep, and we were actually able to pick it up with our toes. 🙂 If you don’t have dexterous feet, I would recommend bringing a mask and snorkel. We probably found about 20 pieces in that cove. They were all the traditional olive green when held up to the sun or a strong light. They were all very well rounded and frosted. That was probably the best quality glass we found there.

Even if the quality isn’t the best, it’s still such fun to pick up sea glass. This is a great beach for kids because the sea glass is plentiful, the water is clear and calm (this cove breaks a lot of the waves on windier days) and the beach is less travelled than the larger beaches close to Palma. Happy Hunting!

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